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I log onto my server with one set of credentials and open Visual Studio 2012 using "Run as different user" (Shift + Right-click) as I need a second set of credentials to deploy to my dev. env. SharePoint site.

I have previously done above and then connected to TFS using a third set of credentials, as the my user (second set credentials) didn't have access yet. Now my user have access and I wish to use these credentials instead.
TFS automatically logs me in with the third set credentials every time I open VS using "Run as different user" - However, if I open VS normally without using "Run as different user" I get prompted for login to the TFS.

I have tried checking the Windows credentials and there is nothing there. And I can't log onto the server using the second set credentials as only the first set can access the server with Remote Desktop.

So how do I "clear" cached TFS credentials when using "Run as different user"?

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ou need do below steps:

  1. Do not save any windows credentials in the Credential Manager for that TFS server, if you already saved credentials, please refer to the blog: to clear them.
  2. Clean team foundation cache on your client machine, the folder path is: C:\Users\username(Team Explorer user name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Team Foundation\4.0\Cache. (TFS 2012)
  3. Delete cookies in browser and disconnect TFS.

Additionally, you can try this another way: Press Shift + right key click on VS shortcut and choose Run as different user

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