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Given the name of a Python (2.X) package that can be installed with pip and virtualenv, is there any way to find out a list of all the possible versions of it that pip could install? Right now it's trial and error.

I'm trying to install a version for a third party library, but the newest version is too new, there were backwards-incompatible changes made. So I'd like to somehow have a list of all the versions that pip knows about so that I can test them.

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These are the list of the versions of a package that is available in pip:-

If your system has pip version 9.9 you can use:-

pip install pylibmc==blork

Here, blork can be any string that should not be an install candidate.

Another package that pip has which is better than others is yolk. For example, if you want to see what version of Django is available in your system you would so something which is mentioned in the command written below:

$ pip install yolk3k

$ yolk -V django

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