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I am trying to mount a folder on my amazon ec2 instance to my desktop folder using sshfs.

The problem is that I am not able to figure out how to give the option for a private key (awskey.pem).

Normally I ssh using

ssh ec2-user@{amz-ip-address} -i {path to amzkey.pem}

But sshfs has no such options. However, I saw a -F option and tried

sshfs ec2-user@{amz-ip-address}:{amz-folder}  {my mount dir} -F {path to amzkey.pem}

This gave me an error

"read: Connection reset by peer"

Please let me know if anyone has tried this before.

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Use this:

-o IdentityFile=/home/user/.ssh/my_key

Instead of this:

-i .ssh/my_key

For more information, check out this documentation:

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