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What key responsibilities does a cloud engineer have, and how do they differ from conventional IT roles?

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Cloud engineers design, implement, and maintain an organization's cloud infrastructure. Their responsibilities include deploying applications, managing data storage, ensuring security, and optimizing performance in cloud environments. Unlike traditional IT roles, cloud engineers focus on scalable and flexible cloud solutions, emphasizing automation, DevOps practices, and infrastructure as code. They adapt to dynamic workloads, enabling rapid innovation and cost-effective resource utilization. Cloud engineers require expertise in cloud platforms, virtualization, scripting, and containerization, showcasing a shift towards agile, scalable, and automated IT operations. For those aspiring to join the cloud computing industry, enroll in relevant training programs. Intellipaat provides courses on emerging technologies, led by industry professionals. These comprehensive courses encompass key concepts, hands-on labs, and certification preparation, providing a smooth path for transitioning careers. Enroll in Intellipaat's courses to ease your entry into cloud computing. The video below showcases success stories of former Intellipaat learners who effectively transitioned their careers to cloud computing. 

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