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I have a standard Elastic Beanstalk app set up and running great over HTTP. There is one EC2 instance (for now), and the domain is configured with a CNAME pointing to the load balancer. Following the instructions in the AWS documentation, I inputted the SSL certificate and configured the load balancer as such:

  • Load balancer protocol: HTTPS
  • Load balancer port: 443
  • Instance protocol: HTTP
  • Instance port: 80
  • Cipher: [default]
  • SSL certificate: myCert

The changes look like they have been applied; in the load balancer description, I see:

Port configuration: 

80 (HTTP) forwarding to 80 (HTTP)

    Stickiness: Disabled

443 (HTTPS, Certificate: myCert) forwarding to 80 (HTTP)

    Stickiness: Disabled

However, I cannot access the site at the HTTPS load balancer URL or my domain's HTTPS URL. Request times out. The HTTP site continues to work well.

Is there any additional configuration I have to do to have the server respond on HTTPS? Am I correct in assuming that there is no configuration required at the app level, since SSL is terminated at the load balancer and the app will continue to speak HTTP?

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Make sure that you have allowed access to your instance from your load balancer's security group.

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