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I have a dataframe.

category       value        percentage_difference

Cosmetics    789.99      300.0 

Fruits           27.68         400.0 

Clothes       179.20       500.0

I want to add fourth column so that its value is category(value, percentage)

category      value          percentage_difference      merge_value 

Cosmetics   789.99       300.0                                   Cosmetic(789.99, 300%)

Fruits          27.68          400.0                                  Fruits(27.68, 400%) 

Clothes      179.20        500.0                                  Clothes(179.20, 500%

I can do this using for loop, is there any other efficient method that can perform the task without using for loop?

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There are few ways to do so like:

The first approach that we can perform is too use pandas dataframe that will do this task as follows:-

 df = pd.DataFrame( { 'category': ['Cosmetics', 'Fruits', 'Clothes'], 'value': [789.99,27.68, 179.20], 'percentage_difference': [300.0,400.0,500.0]}) 

df['merge_value'] = df.apply(lambda r: "{0}({1}, {2}%)".format(r['category'], r['value'], r['percentage_difference']), axis=1)


Other approach  to do this problem is just add the column as strings:

df=df.assign(merge_value= df.category+"("+df.value.astype(str)+','+df.percentage_difference.astype(str)+"%)")



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