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I was trying to grab a website calendar from UiPath. But when I use the Find OCR Text Position or Click OCR text activity in the UiPath Software, it will not give me the exact date that I want to select.

I want to do one thing only: I need to determine today's date, select the date, and press OK.

Calendar with Date Selected

I figured out how to calculate today's date:

Date/Time Selector

But now I only have to do, is selecting numbers, Please help me to figure this out. Thanks in advance.


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Hi, it would be better if you mentioned what you were working it anyway, I am mentioning a generic approach to solve this using selector.

The approach uses a simple click activity with the variable day being part of the selector. There's another click activity associated with opening the picker in the first place, but as said - this is just related to the front-end framework.

enter image description here

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