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How am I able to install MySQL 5.7 in the cloud on Amazon EC2?

Most of the Amazon Machine Instances (AMIs) that I see either lack any MySQL server or possess an older version such as MySQL Server 5.5

I want to use the latest and greatest.

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Considering you have a running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) instance, I'll provide the steps to install MySQL 8.0 in it as you want to use the latest and 8.0 is the latest.

Step 1: Install wget

Go to /home/ec2-user

sudo yum install wget

Step 2: Use wget to download the MySQL Yum repository.


Step 3: Now, install the mysql locally

sudo yum localinstall mysql80-community-release-el7-3.noarch.rpm

Step 4: Install MySQL community server

sudo yum install mysql-community-server

Step 5: Confirm your MySQL service status

sudo service mysqld status

That's it! 

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How to install MySQL 5.7 on Amazon ec2
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getting mysqld unrecognized service. Please help to solve this

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