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What information have you been able to gather regarding how do the Amazon web services work?

  • What hardware do they use
  • What web server
  • What Operating System
  • What storage for AWS
  • What virtualization software for EC2/EBS
  • What software for they distributed firewall for EC2
  • The physical location of their data centres.

I like their services very much and use them a ton at work... just out of curiosity. If you know/heard/read and want to tell, if you saw something online and want to provide a link, very appreciated.

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AWS is a cloud service provider. To be very simple, AWS buys high-end hardware, installs the required basic software and then you can rent them. They provide all kind’s of services, from providing a Windows system to let you do Big Data Analytics!

AWS is a platform which helps businesses scale and grows by offering secure cloud services like compute power, content delivery, database storage, and other functionality.

More about AWS on their official website and in the below tutorial you can find the answer for all of the questions above.

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