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While Mahjong (the actual game, not Mahjong solitaire) is fairly simple in terms of basic rules and gameplay, setting objectives for the AI to transition to aim for certain end game goals seems fairly complex.

Is anyone aware of any papers, research, or other materials related to this topic?

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Machine learning researchers are increasing using imperfect information game environments for examining and developing artificial agents. Similar to the games like StarCraft, Mahjong combines skill, strategy, calculation and sometimes a little bit of luck. Mahjong remains one of the most popular imperfect information games yet to be studied by AI researchers. Last month, Google AI and DeepMind open-sourced their Hanabi Learning Environment for collaborative multi-agent learning research, based on the cooperative two to five player card game Hanabi, and proposed an experiment that contains the framework for the research community to evaluate algorithmic advances and assess the performance of current state-of-the-art techniques.

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