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How can I plot two graphs in same plot in R, I am using this command to perform my task but it isn’t working.

    x <- seq(-3, 4, 1.05)

    y1 <- pnorm(x)

    y2 <- pnorm(x, 2, 2)

    plot(x, y1, type = "2", col = "blue")

    plot(x, y2, type = "l", col = "yellow")

Please help me with it.

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There are several methods to perform this task I am sharing a few with you:


Use par, it will plot on the same graph but axis will be different. E.x.

plot( x, y1, type="l", col="blue" )


plot( x, y2, type="l", col="yellow" )


You can add lines() or points() to the existing graph but it won’t create a new window.




Use matplot function, e.x.

matplot(x, cbind(y1,y2),type="l",col=c("blue","yellow"),lty=c(1,1))

There are some other methods too, I hope one of this help you with your issue.

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