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I'm trying to undo all changes since my last commit. I tried git reset --hard and git reset --hard HEAD after viewing this post. I respond with head is now at 18c3773... but when I look at my local source all the files are still there. What am I missing?

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To  unstage all files that you might have staged with git add using:

git reset

To revert all local uncommitted changes (should be executed in repo root):

git checkout .

You can also revert uncommitted changes only to a particular file or directory:

git checkout [some_dir|file.txt]

Yet another way to revert all uncommitted changes 

git reset --hard HEAD

This will remove all local untracked files, so the only git tracked files will remain for that use:

 git clean -fdx

WARNING: -x will also remove all ignored files, including ones specified by .gitignore! You may want to use -n for the preview of files to be deleted.


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I would suggest you try these steps: 

$ git add . (adding everything) 

$ git stash 

$ git stash drop

You can also try this simple one liner: 

$ git add . && git stash && git stash drop

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