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I'd like to work out how much RAM is being used by each of my objects inside my current workspace. Is there an easy way to do this?

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To determine the memory usage of objects in your R environment, you can use the object.size function as follows:

mylist <- list(a=10,b=20,c=30)

> object.size(mylist)

608 bytes

To know the size of all the objects present in your R environment:

sort( sapply(ls(),function(x) {object.size(get(x))} )) 

To print the total memory used in an R session:

print(object.size(x=lapply(ls(), get)), units="Mb") 

394.6 Mb

To get the memory usage by object type:


NULL      symbol    pairlist     closure environment     promise    language 

 1       29141     1296469       25360        6406       22508      352342 

special     builtin        char     logical     integer      double     complex 

 45         689       77154       42282      234847       67617          48 

character      ...         any        list  expression    bytecode externalptr 

428052          86           0      118213           3       89732        5453 

weakref         raw          S4 

 1431        1447        4368 

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