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Does anyone know of a robotics developer environment ideal for testing AI programs for drones (e.g. quadcopters, planes, helicopters, etc.)? I would like something like Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio that includes a virtual environment (such as an outdoor environment with gravity, wind, etc.) to test out flight dynamics. I would like the options to add sensors to the virtual drone, such as GPS, altimeter, gyros, etc. that the AI program can then use to steer the drone.

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It's not an easy task to teach drones to fly quickly and safely. Most of the times you have to create an elaborate proving ground with real obstacles, and a single mishap could prove very costly. The drone must have to carry a "powerful" embedded computer, a camera and an inertial measurement sensor on its back, but it's effective. The drone can perform its practice as much as necessary without smacking into real things. The results are not perfect when the drone still ran into trouble six times out of 119 real-world flights, but that beats crashing relatively early.

For knowing how our researchers develop the virtual-reality testing ground for drones, refer the following link:

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