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I came across some Java code that had the following composition:

public MyParameterizedFunction(String param1, int param2)


   this(param1, param2, false);


public MyParameterizedFunction(String param1, int param2, boolean param3)


   //use all three parameters here


I understand that in C++ I can specify a parameter a default value. For example:

void MyParameterizedFunction(String param1, int param2, bool param3=false);

Does Java recommend this kind of syntax? Are there any reasons why these two step syntax is better?

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The answer is no, rather you should prefer to use the Build Pattern as it's used for constructors and is implemented by introducing a separate Builder class.


Student s1 = new StudentBuilder().name("Alia ").buildStudent();

Student s2 = new StudentBuilder()



                .motto("Hey, Mr Zee")


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