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 am studying and running samples from the Hyperledger Fabric samples.

According to my understanding :

There are two places which "store" data in Hyperledger Fabric:-

->the ledger

->the state database

The state database is simply an indexed view into the chain’s/ledger's transaction log, it can, therefore, be regenerated from the chain at any time.

There are currently two options for the state database: an embedded LevelDB or an external CouchDB.

I want to know where the blockchain/ledger or the database gets stored in the filesystem. Is it stored in a specific directory or a specific port (in case of level DB as well as CouchDB)

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level DB  is stored under the path /var/hyperledger/production/ledgersData, in which you can find two directories called chains and stateLeveldb. You can try to go into the peer container and have a look.

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