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I have a problem with connecting Steem using SteemJs

Problem appears only on firefox browser, but Chrome Works correctly.

Our app is coded in Yii2 and JavaScript, which works fully in front-end

<script src="//"></script>







             'this is a test article2', 



            function(err, result) {

                console.log(err, result);


Problem in the following process: When running request to blockchain , it return null in Chrome. Null is mean ok! so everything is fine

But when running on Firefox error occures:

Error: 3030000 tx_missing_posting_auth: missing required posting authority

Missing Posting Authority sci


 {"ops":[["comment",    {"parent_author":"","parent_permlink":"test","author":"sci","permlink":"this-is-a-test-article-2","title":"this is a test article2","body":"test","json_metadata":"\"\""}]],"sigs":    ["STM7x7kJhdKzu7gie8gPg5uUDNmLjbcXx7ek2H8UtKxH8qub3V2ut"]}

th_a  transaction.cpp:172 verify_authority

Sigs here - is always different, but should be the same and must be equal to public key from private: GLS8MfcHZyYioPBsmoYp8AZf4mbwZdsarunFRvuWUySqb3nwPeRwb.

In chrome it is working right key.

This is a browser-compatibility problem, or browser feature problem Please help identify a problem, and possible we can patch it or overcome in another way.

1 Answer

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npm install adcpm/steem#dev

Just build it from develop branch and problem will solved.

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