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I have set the Browser Type as Firefox in Uipath studio (both for Open Browser and Attach Browser activities). Also default browser in the system is Firefox. Now, when the bot is run from UIPath, Firefox is launching. But when I run the same bot through Orchestrator,IE is launching. I did not find any browser setting in Orchestrator community edition. Please help me how to resolve this.

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Orchestrator does not provide the functionality to modify processes/sequences that are built-in Studio, It is a server-based application that allows you to manage, schedule, and execute your robots.

So, the problem you’re experiencing can be due to the fact that you uploaded an old package to orchestrator (with IE), then made changes locally in the studio that’s why it's working fine when you deploy is locally and not when orchestrator does it. 

Just upload the new package to the orchestrator and I think it’ll work fine.


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