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Could someone please explain me creating BINS based on Weekdays in Tableau? I tried creating different Calculation Fields but it won't work

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  • Tableau already knows how to bin values by dates at many levels of granularity: such as year, month, day, weekday, hour, etc. So you don't need to create a new field to bin dates by the day of the week. As creating bins is not a difficult task, it's just already available in this case.

  • You just need to put a discrete (blue) date or datetime field on a shelf. You'll see the date level of granularity displayed like, say, YEAR(MyDateField) with a leading plus sign.

You can either

  • Now, click on the plus sign to drill down by adding a second level, say MONTH(MyDateField) or

  • Now, right-click on the field to select the date level of granularity you want

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