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I've created a table of min and max lat/long coordinates for groups of locations. I'd like to use those to draw rectangular bounding boxes on a map and include other attributes as tooltips, not sure where to start. Some example groups below.

group   entities    minlat   minlong    maxlat  maxlong 

a       44          33.29    (122.45)   41.32   (111.75)

b       39          42.53    (110.97)   48.51   (94.90)

c       37          42.46    (100.34)   45.79   (94.83)

d       31          32.78    (83.97)    35.73   (77.86)

e       30          40.41    (96.41)    43.07   (89.40)

f       28          39.81    (80.47)    42.13   (76.78)

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  • Geography and Geometry data types are supported by the current version of Tableau, and you could use that to build the polygons. In SQL Server, I will add a calculated field that takes the min/max coordinate ints and creates a polygon based on those with the geography data type. Regardless, you'll need coordinates for each vertex.

  • Take a look at this video. It guides how to overlay custom polygons onto maps. You need coordinates for each point, then you set marks to Polygon with the points on the path.

  • I have collected the data and did a quick map. I might have mistyped a coordinate, so the yellow box looks like a strange shape. It shows the example regardless though.


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