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I'm building my first Genetic Algorithm in javascript, using a collection of tutorials.

I'm building a somewhat simpler structure to this scheduling tutorial, but I've run into a problem with breeding.

I get a population of 60 individuals, and now I'm picking the top two individuals to breed, and then selecting a few random other individuals to breed with the top two, am I not going to end up with a fairly small amount of parents rather quickly?

I figure I'm not going to be making much progress in the solution if I breed the top two results with each of the next 20.

Is that correct? Is there a generally accepted method for doing this?

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One problem with your approach is that you are killing diversity in the population by mating always the top 2 individuals. That will never work very well because it's too greedy, and you'll actually be defeating the purpose of having a genetic algorithm in the first place.

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