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I have a dataframe df that contains one column of type array looks like

|1 | [A,B,D]     |22 | F    |
|2 | [A,Y]       |42 | M    |
|3 | [X]         |60 | F    |

I try to dump that df in a csv file as follow:

val dumpCSV = df.write.csv(path="/home/me/saveDF")

It is not working because of the column ArrayOfString. I get the error:

CSV data source does not support array string data type

The code works if I remove the column ArrayOfString. But I need to keep ArrayOfString!

What would be the best way to dump the csv dataframe including column ArrayOfString

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As the error says, The CSV file format doesn't support array type.

So, in order to dump the csv dataframe including column ArrayOfString, you need to express it as a string.

Try the following :

import org.apache.spark.sql.functions._

val stringify = udf((vs: Seq[String]) => vs match {

  case null => null

  case _    => s"""[${vs.mkString(",")}]"""


df.withColumn("ArrayOfString", stringify($"ArrayOfString")).write.csv(...)


import org.apache.spark.sql.Column

def stringify(c: Column) = concat(lit("["), concat_ws(",", c), lit("]"))

df.withColumn("ArrayOfString", stringify($"ArrayOfString")).write.csv(...)

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