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I am trying to add a branch to the master branch on GitHub and push a folder onto that branch.

The folder structure of the branch looks like - SocialApp/SourceCode/DevTrunk/SocialApp and all the source code files are in the last folder.

I am using the following Git commands:

git add *

git commit -m with the message

git push

This is pushing only the first folder "SocialApp" onto GitHub and ignoring the folder SourceCode that is inside the folder. How do I fix this?


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For this case: 

Go to .gitignore file and check whether the subdirectory is ignored or not ignored.

And then you could do:

git add --all

git commit -am "<commit message>"

git push

This will add the entire folder to a repository.

Refer: https://git-scm.com/docs/git-commit#Documentation/git-commit.txt---amend

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