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I have looked through many web pages on the new Git integration in VS 2013 and they do not deal with adding an existing solution to Github. In fact, I can't find much on using GitHub instead of Visual Studio Online.

Can anyone tell me how I start from an existing solution and add it to Github using the tools in VS 2013.

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Open the solution in Visual Studio 2013 and Select File and Add this to Source Control

Then Select the Microsoft Git Provider. That will create a local GIT repository

Surf the repository to GitHub.

Now you need to create a new repository and Initialize this repository with a README

Then it will create an empty repository without a Master branch.

Open the repository and copy the URL. Then go back to Visual Studio

Make sure that you have the Microsoft Git Provider selected under:

Tools/Options/Source Control/Plug-in Selection

Now Open Team Explorer

And select Home and Unsynced Commits

Enter the GitHub URL into the box.

Then click on Publish

Select Home and add Changes then commit it with a comment.

Select Commit and Push 

This process will help you to add your existing solution to github from visual-studio-2013.

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