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I have a field from the data I am reading in that can contain multiple values. They are essentially tags.

For example, there could be a column called "persons responsible". This could read "Joe; Bob; Sue" or "Sue" for a given row.

Is it possible from within Tableau to read these in as separate categories? So that for this sample data:

Project     | Persons


Zeta        | Bob; Sue; Joe

Enne        | Sue

Doble Ve    | Bob

There could be a count of Bob (2), Sue (2), Joe (1)?

I am working on getting better data inputs, but I was wondering if there was a temporary solution at this level. 

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In case, if there is a small set of possible values for the tags (persons in your example).If Bob, Sue, and Joe are the only people in the system, you can use the contains() function to define a boolean calculated field for each person. Let's look at this example, Bob_Is_Responsible = contains(Persons, 'Bob"), and similar fields for Sue and Joe. To break the data up in different ways, you could use those as building blocks, possibly with sets.

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