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I'm using Spring MVC for a simple JSON API, with @ResponseBody based approach like the following. (I already have a service layer producing JSON directly.)

@RequestMapping(value = "/matches/{matchId}", produces = "application/json")


public String match(@PathVariable String matchId) {

    String json = matchService.getMatchJson(matchId);

    if (json == null) {

        // TODO: how to respond with e.g. 400 "bad request"?


    return json;


Question is, in the given scenario, what is the simplest, cleanest way to respond with a HTTP 400 error?

I did come across approaches like:

return new ResponseEntity(HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST);

...but I can't use it here since my method's return type is String, not ResponseEntity.

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replace your return type to ResponseEntity<>, then you can apply following for 400

return new ResponseEntity<>(HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST);

and for correct request

return new ResponseEntity<>(json,HttpStatus.OK);

following spring 4.1 there are assistant practices in ResponseEntity could be practiced as

return ResponseEntity.status(HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST).body(null);


return ResponseEntity.ok(json);

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