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After searching through some existing libraries for JSON, I have finally ended up with these two:

  • Jackson
  • Google GSon

I am a bit partial towards GSON, but word on the net is that GSon suffers from a certain celestial performance issue (as of Sept 2009).

I am continuing my comparison; in the meantime, I'm looking for help to make up my mind

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I did this study and I finished up with the same 2 libraries. As I'm practicing Spring 3 (that uses Jackson in its default Json view 'JacksonJsonView') it was also essential for me to do the same. The 2 lib is tolerably much the same... at the end, they solely map to a JSON file! :)

Anyway, as you stated Jackson has a + in production and that's very valuable for me. The design is also quite effective as you can see from their web page and that's a very vigorous sign as well.

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