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I have a list in Python e.g.

letters = ["t", "h", "e"]

I want to print the array in a single line without the normal " []

names = ["t", "h", "e"]
print (letters)

Will give the output as;

["t", "h", "e"]

That is not the format I want instead I want it to be like this;

t, h, e

Note: It must be in a single row.


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Try the code given below, all the elements will be separated with a comma.

name= [“t”,”h”,”e”]

Print ( ‘,’ .join(name))

Output:- t,h,e

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Here is a simple solution for you, just try this:

names = ["t", "h", "e"]

print(*names, sep=", ")

The work of star(*) is to unpack the list and return every element present in the list.

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