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I just started working with Tableau and I fail to find a way to filter dimensions/metrics on the dashboard based on the user's previous selection.

We use MongoDB NoSQL database to store various events sent from our system. Event consist of Key-Value pairs (translated to metrics and dimensions), each event has a unique Id (EventType) and a list of parameters. The number of parameters per EventType is constant but vary between event types.

When we connect the Events catalog to Tableau (using MongoDB BI connector) we receive a flat table with all possible keys while only the ones that apply to the specific event has a value.

Since we have a lot of event types and a large number of possible keys (between them) this cause problem when using the dashboard. The user sees a flat list of all possible dimensions and metrics with no correlation between them. He can not know which metric applies to which eventType.

How can I guide Tableau to present/highlight only the relevant dimensions/metrics, based on the EventType selected by the user?

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  • In the top right of the filter, click on the down arrow and then select Only Show Relevant Values.


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