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I have a ubuntu instance(CRON server) of volume size 50gb. I want to increase its size to 100gb+

Here are the steps I want to follow,

1) create a snapshot of the volume attached to CRON server.

2) create a volume with the newly created snapshot, by specifying the size you need. In my case 100gb.

3) detach the existing volume for cron server by running the command

ec2-detach-volume old_volume_id cron_instance_id sda1

4) attach the new volume (i.e. 100gb ones) to cronserver

ec2-attach-volume new_volume_id cron_instance_id sda1

please correct if am missing or not using a correct step.

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Here is how to resize the Root Disk on a Running EBS boot EC2 instance.


# In case your Filesystem is either ext2, ext3, or ext4

$ sudo resize2fs /dev/sda1

# Or if you have XFS

$ sudo apt-get install -y xfsprogs

$ sudo xfs_growfs /

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