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This will be my first git use. I have added new files ( a lot ) to the folder/project ( git local repository).

I went through online tutorials and forums and see I can do

     git commit -a

So I go to the base folder of the repository and do a

    sudo git commit -a

But then, some screens comes up and asks me to add a comment which I do. I do not know how to proceed or exit. I do not want to mess up so I did ctrl + Z and did not do anything.

Can you guys please outline the commands I need to use?

git commit -a 


git push

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To add all the changes you've made:

git add .

To commit them:

git commit -m "MY MESSAGE HERE" 

To push your committed changes from your local repository to your remote repository:

git push origin master

You might have to type in your username/password for github after this. These steps will help you to add all files to the staging area in git. 

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