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I have a remote gitosis server and a local git repository, and each time I make a big change in my code, I'll push the changes to that server too.

But today I find that even though I have some local changes and commit to the local repository when running git push origin master it says 'Everything up-to-date', but when I use git clone to checkout files on the remote server, it doesn't contain latest changes. And I have only one branch named master and one remote server named origin.

This is what git displays when running ls-remote, I'm not sure whether it helps

$ git ls-remote origin

df80d0c64b8e2c160d3d9b106b30aee9540b6ece        HEAD

df80d0c64b8e2c160d3d9b106b30aee9540b6ece        refs/heads/master

$ git ls-remote .

49c2cb46b9e798247898afdb079e76e40c9f77ea        HEAD

df80d0c64b8e2c160d3d9b106b30aee9540b6ece        refs/heads/master

df80d0c64b8e2c160d3d9b106b30aee9540b6ece        refs/remotes/origin/master

3a04c3ea9b81252b0626b760f0a7766b81652c0c        refs/tags/stage3

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Check whether you are on HEAD or Detached HEAD.

This error basically occurs when the HEAD is detached so you need to reset and make the branch as a HEAD for that you could do:

$git log -1

# note the SHA-1 of latest commit

$ git checkout master

# reset your branch head to your previously detached commit

$ git reset --hard <commit-id>

For reference check out this:

Please find this link where we have a video which says about git lifecycle:

Also, you can read the Git Tutorial to briefly understand the concept. 

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