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The situation:

  • master is at X
  • quickfix1 is at X + 2 commits

Such that:

o-o-X (master HEAD)


      q1a--q1b (quickfix1 HEAD)

Then I started working on quickfix2, but by accident took quickfix1 as the source branch to copy, not the master. Now quickfix2 is at X + 2 commits + 2 relevant commits.

o-o-X (master HEAD)


          q1a--q1b (quickfix1 HEAD)


                   q2a--q2b (quickfix2 HEAD)

Now I want to have a branch with quickfix2, but without the 2 commits that belong to quickfix1.

           q2a'--q2b' (quickfix2 HEAD)


o-o-X (master HEAD)


          q1a--q1b (quickfix1 HEAD)

I tried to create a patch from a certain revision in quickfix2, but the patch doesn't preserve the commit history. Is there a way to save my commit history, but have a branch without changes in quickfix1?

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This is a classic case of rebase --onto:

# let's go to current master (X, where quickfix2 should begin) 

git checkout master 

# replay every commit *after* quickfix1 up to quickfix2 HEAD. 

git rebase --onto master quickfix1 quickfix2

So you should go from

o-o-X (master HEAD) \ q1a--q1b (quickfix1 HEAD) \ q2a--q2b (quickfix2 HEAD)


q2a'--q2b' (new quickfix2 HEAD) / o-o-X (master HEAD) \ q1a--q1b (quickfix1 HEAD)

This is best done on a clean working tree.

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