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GIT: I'm trying to push a file to a repo of a friend but errors on public key.

git push origin testbranch

Permission denied (publickey).

fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Where and how do we define public / private keys?

git remote -v returns:

origin  [email protected]:Sesamzaad/NET.git (fetch)

origin  [email protected]:Sesamzaad/NET.git (push)

any help is appreciated.

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I was facing the same problem, here is what I did that worked for me.

  1. Use ssh instead of http. Remove origin if its http.

git remote rm origin

2. Add ssh url

git remote add origin [email protected]:<username>/<repo>.git

3.Generate ssh key inside .ssh/ folder. It will ask for passphrase and path where you can just press enter and proceed.

cd ~/.ssh


    4. Now, copy the key. You can view your key using. If you hadn't specified a different path then this is the default one for you to use.

cat ~/.ssh/

5. Add this key to your Github account. Next, do

ssh -T [email protected]

You will get a welcome prompt in your console.

cd into to your project folder. git push -u origin master now works!

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