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Just started out using self hosted GitLab... it looks like it's going to be really useful moving towards a DevOps workflow.

Anyway, after migrating about 20 local Git repositories to the new GitLab server, neatly arranged into 4 groups. I then noticed you can actually have sub-groups within the groups. This would help organisations even further, but I'm struggling to work out how to move the existing projects I've spent a day importing and configuring into a newly created sub-group. Sure I could just create a new project and copy the files over and commit them into the new project, and spend the time reconfiguring the project.

Is there an easy way of moving the existing configured Project from the group into the new subgroup?

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The part of the url after GitLab server domain name, also known as 'slug' of the project is nothing but combination of namespace and the project name.

Namespace is the path of group or subgroups.


For example,

Let us say, the group is 'new-group' and project is called 'my-project'.

Slug will be something like /new-group/my-project.


Then in order to move this existing project from the group into the new subgroups we need to create the new subgroup (down arrow next to the 'New project' button). Then change the project namespace to /new-group/sub-group/my-project.


To do this, go to the project page, click the settings button (cog bottom left). Go to the Advanced settings section. And it's just below the rename project option.

Transfer project to new Namespace

Just select the new subgroup and your done!

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