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I use a JSON library called JSONObject (I don't mind switching if I need to).

I know how to iterate over JSONArrays, but when I parse JSON data from Facebook I don't get an array, only a JSONObject, but I need to be able to access an item via its index, such as JSONObject[0] to get the first one, and I can't figure out how to do it.


   "http://http://url.com/": {

      "id": "http://http://url.com//"


   "http://url2.co/": {

      "id": "http://url2.com//",

      "shares": 16



   "http://url3.com/": {

      "id": "http://url3.com//",

      "shares": 16



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Try this:

jsonObject = new JSONObject(contents.trim());

Iterator<String> keys = jsonObject.keys();

while(keys.hasNext()) {

    String key = keys.next();

    if (jsonObject.get(key) instanceof JSONObject) {

          // do something with jsonObject here