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I am in the process of moving all my private an public repo's over to github. One of the decisions I have made is to only use the console as it means a smaller tooling footprint if I ever need to change PCs, etc.

I would be a huge user of console applications and being new to git I decided to purchase Tekpub's Mastering Git series since it shows you how to intergrate git bash as a toolbar.

Everything is working fine except for the add all command which is:

git add .

It seems to be working but I don't get any indication of it working or not. Is there a verbose switch (I think that is what it would be called) that would say what files were tracked after the command is launched?

I am using Visual Studio 2010 with the standard install of git (Not Git extensions)

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For some git-commands you can specify --verbose,

$ git 'command' --verbose


git 'command' -v.

Just make sure the switch is after the actual git command. Otherwise - it won't work!

Also useful:

git 'command' --dry-run

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