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I am trying to synchronise a project that I have on in my Android Studio folder to GitHub, but I am not fully sure what to do other than adding my credentials in the options menu. Could someone give me a quick guide, please?

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Yes it is true that Android studio is compatible with GitHub, but we need adjust some of the settings:

  • First, setup Android Studio
  • Then, setup the Github plugins in the Android Studio settings
    • Android Studio settings >> Plugins page enter image description here
  • Download the git version control system from this link and setup https://git-scm.com/
  • Once the installation is completed, open Android Studio settings page and select the git.exe
    • settings >> version control >> git
    • Usually the path to git.exe is program files >> git >> bin >> git.exe
  • Go to Settings >> Version control >> Github you will see login and password for your Github account. Apply the settings.
  • Now in order to update the project, go in Android Studio top line click  VCS >> enable version control integration >> git
  • Again,  VCS >> import into version control >> share project on Github and enter your master password.

For updating your project to Github, use VCS update buttons.