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I am not aware of any self-improving compiler, but then again I am not much of a compiler-guy.

Is there ANY self-improving compiler out there?

Please note that I am talking about a compiler that improves itself - not a compiler that improves the code it compiles.

Any pointers appreciated!

Side-note: in case you're wondering why I am asking have a look at this post. Even if I agree with most of the arguments I am not too sure about the following:

We have programs that can improve their code without human input now — they’re called compilers.

... hence my question.

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There are compilers that automatically improves the code, but a compiler that improves itself, I doubt. So the answer is: NO - there's no such thing out there. 

A self-improving compiler would, by definition, have to have a self-modifying code. If you look around, you can find examples of people building self-modifying code. However, it's very uncommon to see - especially on projects as large and complex as a compiler. 

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