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I am a Computing student with an AI major. I am now researching topics for my final year project and I'm quite interested in Neural Network though I have almost no knowledge about it.

Topics I'm considering right now are language and music, so I'm looking for suggestion of what will be interesting or popular scope what can be done with Neural Network for language and music. Feel free to give suggestions for a different fields, too.

Any input, suggestion, link, advice or pointer will be appreciated. Thanks! :)

Update: So I've narrowed the topic I'm most possibly doing to:

  1. Music Genre Classification using NN

  2. Text Mining Using NN

My question is whether both are too advanced to be done by an undergraduate student?

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Yes, you can perform your suggested neural network projects. Here you can refer the following link for your music genre projects:

Using CNN and RNNs for Music Genre Recognition:

And for data mining:

If you wish to know more about Convolution Neural Network then visit this CNN Tutorial.

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