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I have a function within my angular controller, I'd like this function to be run on document ready but I noticed that angular runs it as the dom is created.

function myController($scope) { 

      $scope.init = function() { 

          // I'd like to run this on document ready 



// doesn't work, loads my init before the page has completely loaded 


Does anyone know how I can go about this?

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For running function in AngularJS controller on document ready you can use the angular.element(document).ready() method to attach callbacks for when the document is ready. 

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You can simply attach the callback in the controller as follows:-

angular.module('MyApp', []) 

  .controller('MyCtrl', [function() { 

        angular.element(document).ready(function () { 

            document.getElementById('msg').innerHTML = 'Hello'; 



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