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I'm wondering if size of AAE file has an impact on efficiency, speed of BOT. I mean when I wrote first version of my BOT it had like 6.7 MB but after adding some additional error handling and additional if statements. it grew up to 11.5 MB. It did not change the speed of BOT but I'm wondering what is the maximal BOT size which wont affect it's speed.

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No, the size of the atmx files will not have any impact on the efficiency of your bots. The file could be as big as you like although I advise against doing that as a best practice is to have large chunks of work broken down into small subtasks and run those subtasks using ‘Run task’. 

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The things that will impact the performance of the bot is the logic it is following. For example, if you have run your bot in a loop where it gets stuck or has to wait for results will slow your process down other than that you’re good to go.

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