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I thought hibernate takes into consideration only class variables that are annotated with @Column. But strangely today when I added a variable (that is not mapped to any column, just a variable i need in the class), it is trying to include that variable in the select statement as a column name and throws the error -

Unknown column 'team1_.agencyName' in 'field list'

My class -



public class Team extends BaseObject implements Serializable {

@Id  @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.AUTO)

private Long id;


private String name;


private String code;

@Column(name = "agency_id")

private Long agencyId;

private String agencyName; //note: not annotated.


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JPA will use all properties of the class, unless you specifically mark them with @Transient:


private String agencyName;

The @Column annotation is purely optional, and is there to let you override the auto-generated column name. Furthermore, the length attribute of @Column is only used when auto-generating table definitions, it has no effect on the runtime.

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