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I am playing around with MongoDB trying to figure out how to do a simple

SELECT province, COUNT(*) FROM contest GROUP BY province

But I can't seem to figure it out using the aggregate function. I can do it using some really weird group syntax{ 

"key": { 

"province": true 


"initial": { 

"count": 0 


"reduce": function(obj, prev) { 

if (true != null) if (true instanceof Array) prev.count += true.length; 

else prev.count++; 


But is there an easier/faster way using the aggregate function?

2 Answers

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In MongoDB group by can be used by using below-mentioned code:-


{"$group" : {_id:"$province", count:{$sum:1}}} 


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If you need multiple columns to group by, follow the following model:


    "$group": {

        _id: {

            status: "$status",

            type: "$type"


        count: {

            $sum: 1




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