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I have the following code:

connection((db) => { 



{ "_id": req.body._id}, // Filter 

{"name":} // Update 


 .then((obj) => { 

console.log('Updated - ' + obj); 



.catch((err) => { 

console.log('Error: ' + err); 



I want to change the name in the order but it doesn't update it. The result in the console is

Updated - {"n":0,"nModified":0,"ok":1}

I tried to read the documentation but it's horrific

2 Answers

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To update MongoDB you should use "$set" in your update query like as follows:-

{$set: {"name":}}, 

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If the above answer doesn't work, this is probably because there is no match with your filter.

You should try to match an ObjectId like the following:

var ObjectID = require('mongodb').ObjectID;

// In your request

{ "_id": ObjectID(req.body._id)}, // Filter

I hope it helps.

.updateOne on MongoDB not working in Node.js
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Perfect! This was it. Thanks vinita.

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