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What are the interview questions asked for 2 years experience in selenium/Appium/QTP?

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If you have 2 years of experience in the selenium Interview 60 % Question will be focused on Java or any other language binding which you have used during your testing.

Now for the rest of the 40% part, you can easily tackle basic day to day scenario questions if you really worked for 2 years.

But a smart and experienced interviewer will never ask you the basic selenium scenario which already available on the internet (there are 50–100 questions and code is also available ). Instead, he will generalize the question and few of them which I am mentioning below:-

  1. What was the biggest challenge you had in automation?

  2. How many scripts you have made every day?

  3. have you faced any scenarios like ReCaptcha bypass or OTP validation if yes then how you solved it?

  4. Have you ever tried to integrate ALM or any test management tool with Selenium?

  5. Have you tried implementing the framework on yourself?

  6. Do you have any idea about browserstack or sauce labs?

  7. How can we run the same test cases on multiple browsers at the same time?

  8. have you automated entire application or a few modules of your application?

  9. Can you please explain some design pattern? which you have used in your project?

  10. How can we convert existing Data-driven framework into a BDD framework?

Here is a tutorial on Selenium which you should read to know such kind of thing. I am also mentioning the link of a Selenium video tutorial which you can watch to learn more about Selenium.


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