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I want to parse a .json column through Power BI. I have imported the data directly from the server and have a .json column in the data along with other columns. Is there a way to parse this json column?

 Key      IDNumber    Module      JsonResult  

 012      200          Dine        {"CategoryType":"dining","City":"mumbai"',"Location":"all"} 

97         303         Fly        {"JourneyType":"Return","Origin":"Mumbai (BOM)","Destination":"Chennai (MAA)","DepartureDate":"20-Oct-2016","ReturnDate":"21-Oct-2016","FlyAdult":"1","FlyChildren":"0","FlyInfant":"0","PromoCode":""} 

 276      6303        Stay        {"Destination":"Clarion Chennai","CheckInDate":"14-Oct-2016","CheckOutDate":"15-Oct-2016","Rooms":"1","NoOfPax":"2","NoOfAdult":"2","NoOfChildren":"0"}

I wish to retain the other columns and also get the simplified parsed columns.


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Use Json.Document function in this way




    json=Table.AddColumn(your_table, "NewColName", each Json.Document([JsonResult]))



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