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I want to generate reports from my SQL Server tables.

I have some already made stored procedures that I would like to use to generate reports from.

I haven't found a way to do so.

Only by rewriting the queries.

Thanks :)

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In order to execute stored procedure in Power BI:

  • Go to SQL Server “right-click” on stored procedure and select “Execute”. After execution of your cod, a new query window opens up which was responsible for execution. Copy that Query.

  • Go to Power BI Query Editor, Click on New Source and select SQL Server. After giving the server and database, click on "Advanced Options", paste the query in the "SQL Statement" . Navigate using full hierarchy  and click ok.

  • You will see data for the parameters you passed in Stored procedures only.

Remember that this works on "Import Query" option.

You can master these queries and become proficient in SQL queries by enrolling in an industry-recognized SQL certification.

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This is gold! thank you!!

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