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Why MongoDB is better than SQL?

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MongoDB is a dynamic, object-oriented database. It is a document store model in which you can store data objects inside a collection as separate documents rather than storing them into traditional columns and rows. It focuses on implementing a data store that offers high availability, high performance, and automatic scaling. It uses BSON or JSON documents in order to store data.

SQL stands for Standard Query Language. It is a relational database management system that is used to store data objects in tables in the traditional rows and columns. SQL statements allow you to perform various operations like updating and retrieving data from the database table. It makes use of SQL query language in order to store, modify, or delete data.

Following are the reasons why MongoDB is better when compared to SQL:

  • It is faster and more scalable than SQL
  • It does not support transactions and joins unlike SQL
  • It supports a huge amount of data
  • It implements Agile practices while SQL does not
  • It offers dynamic schema whereas SQL offers fixed schema

Also, watch this YouTube video to get a better understanding of why MongoDB is better than SQL:

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