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Hey there, I've been using the docker registry v1 for some time now, but now I want to migrate to version V2. 

Now there is one issue before I can do that, I want to know how I can list all of the images on the registry in V2, with V1 we can use a GET request to http://myregistry:5000/v1/search? with this result:

  "num_results": 2,
  "query": "",
  "results": [
      "description": "",
      "name": "deis/router"
      "description": "",
      "name": "deis/database"

So far I haven't found anything similar to this to get the list of all the images on the registry in V2. Can someone help me out?

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To list all of the images ( repositories ) you can use the below command:

curl -X GET https://myregistry:5000/v2/_catalog > {"repositories":["redis","ubuntu"]}

To get all repository's tags use the below command:

curl -X GET https://myregistry:5000/v2/ubuntu/tags/list
> {"name":"ubuntu","tags":["14.04"]}

Hope that helped :)

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